There are many legal duties placed on employers and its directors regarding health, safety and welfare at the workplace.

A Health and Safety Audit of workplaces and their associated operations is a way of periodically checking if and how they are complying with requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 85 of 1993.

It also allows comparisons to be made between the areas that are performing well regarding health and safety management and those that are not.

Health & Safety Audits enables "best practice" to be spread throughout a company and, consequently, resulting in progressive improvement.

It is a requirement under the aforesaid provisions that all workplaces as described under the Act be subject to annual Health And Safety Audits to ensure that their Safety Management Systems are adequate and compliant, and to help the organisations achieve continuous improvement

Data Matrix (Pty) Ltd is recognised by the industry as a leader in the field of Auditing for Occupational Health and Safety compliance.

The Data Matrix (Pty) Ltd Auditing System is a dynamic one that is continually being critically examined, enhanced, adapted and improved.

We also review structure and methods of operation, and survey the workplace internally, externally and site operations, to identify hazards, unsafe acts or conditions, and non-compliance with Regulations.

Our auditing system takes cognisance of well-known, and regulated auditing benchmarks such as OHS Act 85 0f 1993, ISO 45001, SANS codes, as well as Provincial and Municipal Regulations